Quality Blind Rivet Nut Fasteners That Are Easy to Install


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Standard and Heavy Duty Hexnut®


The Bollhoff Hex Rivnut® fastener has two designs: Heavy Duty and Standard. The heavy duty blind fastener is for high thread strength and high torque-out resistance. The standard hex Rivnut® rivet nut fastener is lightweight for high tensile strength and smaller sizes.


Key Benefits of Hex Rivnut® Fastener


Hex design provides increased torque out strength.


It can be installed after painting or final finishing operations.


Hex Rivnut® fastener can be installed into a round or hexagonal hole.


Quality, Affordable Hexnuts® Rivnuts®.


Cardinal Components is a leading supplier of both standard and heavy duty Bollhoff Hex Rivnut® fasteners. For the best in blind fasteners, you can count on Cardinal Components' hex Rivnuts®. We have been supplying quality products and service since 1983, always keeping the customer in mind, and we are ISO Certified. Our standard hex Rivnut® fasteners are known for their strength and ease of installation, and our heavy duty Hex Rivnuts® are even more durable! If you are looking for for high quality blind fastener Rivnuts®, contact us. All of our in-stock items ship the day they are ordered, so your supplies will be there before you know it. Our blind Rivnut® fasteners are great for many applications, and make all of your fastener projects simple. Call us today to order.


Standard Hex Rivnuts® can be installed in either round or hexagonal holes.  They can be locked in place quickly by one person.