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We take pride in the jobs we do — and the way we treat our customers shows it!

Check out our Customer Testimonials!

Cardinal Components is a certified distributor of Bollhoff Rivnut® fasteners of all types. We have provided quality parts and service since 1983, and are the best source for puller and EZ Rivnuts® and other blind fasteners. If you're looking for Plusnut® hex Rivnut® and Rivkle® fasteners, Rivnut® kits or Rivnut® tools, we have a wide variety of Bollhoff products that are high quality and affordable. As a leading distributor of Bollhoff puller and EZ Rivnut® blind fasteners, Rivnut® tools, and custom fastener products, we provide quality materials and service.

At Cardinal Components, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified, ensuring consistent and high production standards. Our Bollhoff fastener Rivnuts® are always high quality, as is our customer service. We take pride in the jobs we do, and the way we treat our customers shows it! We are committed to helping our customers find the correct Rivnuts® and tools for their applications, providing them at competitive prices, and in a timely manner. Our in-stock puller and Rivnuts® and fastener tools are shipped the day they are ordered!

Our selection of quality Rivnuts®, hex Rivnuts®, Plusnuts® and Rivkle® is extensive, and we also offer custom fastener products design for all applications. Our fasteners can be used with many materials for a huge variety of functions, whether for Rivnuts® for solar industry, areospace, barbecue carts and electronic cabinets or boat step pads. The list is limitless!

Check out the Bollhoff Rivnuts® Catalog for specifications and details on all products, What is a Rivnut®? and tool quick reference, or contact one of our customer service representatives today to find the best fastener and Rivnut® tool for your specific application. Remember, Cardinal Components is your one source for fastener, precision machining, and screw machine turning requirements since 1983!

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"Rivnut® – The Original blind installed internally threaded rivet, was invented (patent #2,149,199) in 1936 for the purpose of attaching a rubber aircraft wing de-icer extrusion to the leading edge of the wing. The Rivnut® riveted the aluminum wing skin to the inner aluminum spar and then accepted a mating screw to attach the rubber de-icer.

MILITARY RIVNUTS® - The Rivnut® fastener was given a military specification of MS27130 and an aerospace standard of NAS1329 and NAS1330. Use of the Rivnut® expanded within the military and aerospace markets, army Rivnuts®, and soon became popular in general industry because of its many design and assembly advantages."

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